confirms boots on ground in China

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials are on the ground in China,
  actively investigating complaints of canine illness associated with chicken
  jerky products imported from China.

Anamaria Castiglia, DVM, veterinary medical officer with the FDA, told
  veterinarians at the AAHA Yearly Conference in Denver that the FDA is working
to  investigate the source of the illnesses.

"We have some boots in China going to the firms to evaluate," Castiglia said.
  "It’s not a clear situation. It’s not clear at all."

In 2011, the FDA saw an increase in the number of complaints it received of
  canine illnesses associated with consumption of chicken jerky products imported
  from China.

Chicken jerky products have been on the FDA’s radar since 2007, when it
  issued a cautionary warning to consumers about the products. In 2008, the FDA
  issued a Preliminary Animal Health Notification, but complaints about the
  product began to drop off during the latter part of 2009 and most of

Those complaints started to rise again in 2011, prompting the FDA to release another cautionary update about chicken jerky
products  imported from China.

"This chicken jerky episode has really opened up our eyes and we’re being a
  lot more careful than in 2007," Castiglia said.



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