Is it the economy? Somewhere along the way routine visits for cats has dropped dramatically across the entire veterinary industry. A number of veterinary companies took notice and launched campaigns but I do not feel they have had a substantial impact. Although I applaud the efforts of Boehringer Ingelheim and Veterinary Pet Insurance for their efforts. I noticed this several years ago when ordering vaccines. I used to be very proud that I saw, treated and vaccinated as many if not more cats then dogs. I certainly see more cats then my business partner (not sure if that is good or bad?) Yes, we do not vaccinate as often or with as many vaccines as we used to but it is the preventative annual or semi-annual visits that decreased. I still have many clients that do come in regularly but a large number only come in when they have a medical issue. Although difficult medical cases are what I live for, some of these may have been prevented with early intervention. Think about it, if a woman waits for her breasts to be painful before she goes in for a mammogram and there is cancer the odds are not in her favor. As aweful as this sound if you do have breast cancer you want to find out on a routine exam be scheduled for a procedure and be done with chemo and or radiation before you get a chance to think about it too much. You want to be a survivor like my mom, twice. Routine visits are the key. Routine dentals, routine weights, routine labs, routine question and answers with your veterinarian, routine palpation of the belly, routine listening to the heart and lungs. If a cat has a murmur they have a problem, you do not want to wait until they are gasping for air. If they have kidney disease you want to know early, just by changing their food you can possibly triple the time they survive. Now that is a substantial difference. Our domestic cats are small versions of the lions and tigers out there. They do not shows signs of illness until their illness is substatial. These are not meant to be scare tactics just tips to extend your pets life. So, if you have a cat, lets make sure your cat is a healthy as they look! Thank you.


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