Actually with the warmer months comes fleas and flies the intermediate host for our next guest, TAPEWORMS! I probably get more phone calls about this parasite then any other parasite. OMG there are these little white things on my animals rectum or on their stool (about 1/4 to 1/3 inch long) and they are moving!!! Usually right after they defecate. Can I catch them and they are so GROSS. Now the good news, no you probably will not catch them, you need to eat an infected flea or fly to complete the life cycle and they are relatively benign i.e. they probably will not make your animal sick. The perfect parasite able to peacefully coexist with their host without making them sick. Easy to treat too, either a shot or oral pills, two treatments two weeks apart.
Culver City just posted that they have positive identification of West Nile Virus in a dead bird. This and many other dangerous diseases can be transmitted to pets and people from a mosquito feeding on our blood. There are some very basic and easy steps to prevent these diseases.
1) Avoid being outside at dusk and dawn. This is the time that mosquitos are out and most active. If you have to be out wear long sleeves and full length pants. Use protective sprays like Deet.
2) Make sure you do not have standing water in and around your home. This can be in an empty flower pot, the way the gutter slopes in front of your home or overwatering your garden.
An ounce of prevention is worth alot more then a pound a cure and a heck of alot more economical. Save yourself the money and a migrane !